Help for Heroes Cake Sale over!

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After two months of planning and a week of baking and frosting, it was finally over.

We’d had our main Help for Heroes Cake Sale and, even if I do say so myself, it was a resounding success!!

Over the course of a whole week, we managed to raise £430 – with the added Gift Aid of £80, the grand total was £510.

Here are some of the cakes I made for the sale – I’d made 102 in total for the main sale.

It’s safe to say, I didn’t want to see another cupcake for quite some time!


Mini Cake Sale

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This week was the start of the mini cake sales in preparation for our actual Colossal Cake Sale this Friday.

I spent most of Mothers’ Day evening baking and frosting and I was really pleased with how all the cupcakes looked after I’d finished.

I’d put quite a bit of planning into which cakes would go in which cases and which buttercream colours would go with each cake. It may seem a bit weird but I’m such a rusher that I never think about it properly beforehand and always regret it.

All of the recipes used for the cakes were from The Hummingbird Bakery and I took my decoration inspiration from them and from the many fans who post pictures on HB’s Facebook page (link at the side of my blog).

They were all great but I’d slightly overfilled the chocolate cupcake cases and as a result didn’t cook for them for long enough as I was scared of them spilling over even more!

Never mind, I peeled them from their cases, blitzed them in the food processor and used them to make cake balls – and what a great idea, they went down a storm and everyone commented on them. I made around 65 balls from 36 cakes.

So, after mine and Lis’ efforts over the last two days, we’ve made £210 so far for Help For Heroes. Now our £500 target doesn’t seem like such a pipe dream!

What a loaf!

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I never thought that a bread book would actually make any difference to the loaves I managed to turn out, but, boy was I wrong!

The River Cottage Bread Handbook arrived on Wednesday and I spent an evening absorbed in different types of flours, coupled with gluten and yeast advice. The book dedicates nearly 100 pages to explaining the bread-making process but it is worth every word spent on it.

Charlie was equally as excited about the book – and decided to take all the advice given to heart. And look at the loaf he managed to make!

It was, by far, the best loaf of bread either of us have ever managed to make – and it tasted great too.