I know what you’re thinking … ‘another blog devoted to cakes and food’.

But if you’re anything like me then you’ll never grow tired of looking for new ideas and recipes to try, gawping at gorgeous pictures of food and coveting every piece of kitchen equipment or utensil you ever come across.

My name’s Emma and I’m a mum and a wife. Cooking or baking of some description takes up a fair chunk of my day, every day. And, of course, I love eating.

I wanted to start a blog where I could document my cooking achievements, store new, and old and tested, recipes and display beautiful pictures that inspire you to pick up that sieve and throw on your apron.

I’m not a professional chef but I think I’m a good cook. I have triumphs but I also have disasters with the most simple of recipes – just like most normal people.

I think the secret of cooking is confidence and I wanted to share that with other, like-minded people. I don’t want to preach ‘how to cook’ or ‘how to eat’, I would just like to think that one of my blog posts may inspire someone to take a leap into the kitchen where they usually would fear to tread.

I’ll endeavour to show you all the kitchen bits and bobs I find along the way – and share those bargains that I uncover. To be honest, my husband’s bored of ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over my latest cutter or selection of cupcake sprinkles so this will give me another outlet.

I also promise to show you my culinary attempts – warts and all – because I know for every disaster, there’s hundreds of triumphs. Hopefully, I’ll have found a solution to the problem too.



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