Just Beat It!

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Beater blade - with added spatulas at the side

You’ll all know that after my family – just in case they’re reading – my next greatest love is my KitchenAid mixer.

I LOVE it but don’t love having to scrape the sides constantly when mixing mixtures or frostings. I stumbled upon the above blade yesterday and immediately had to have it.

It’s a beater blade with added spatulas at the side, which will beat and scrape at the same time. Well, I was sold straight away. I know, I’m a marketing team’s dream!

The UK sites all seemed really expensive so I looked in the US and found the one above.

Michelle, from Gay Frazeee – All Around The House, was really helpful and replied to the email within hours of being sent – considering the time difference, I was impressed.

She gave me a choice of shipping options and an invoice was sent out. Paid through Paypal and, voila, new blade on the way for me.

With the exchange rate, I have paid £22 in P&P for a KitchenAid beater blade – one that retails over here for around £37 with postage. I’m over the moon!

Here’s Michelle’s ebay link:


Now I can’t wait for it to arrive!


Glass bowl envy

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For as many years as I can remember I coveted a shiny, KitchenAid mixer for my worktop.

The problem was the cost. I didn’t know if I’d use it enough, what I’d use it for or even if I wanted to use one. I just knew I wanted one – badly.

Finally, earlier this year, my wish came true and now a beautiful red, Artisan mixer sits on the side.

I have used it and used it and LOVE it but I’m now hankering after this:

A thing of beauty ....

KichenAid have only gone and produced a thick, glass bowl that fits on its mixers and looks pretty darn good as well. At around £60, they’re pricey.

But how can anyone not want one?

My problem is that with a fully-working metal mixing bowl, I simply have no excuse or justification to buy one of these.

Maybe we’ll have to work on that!

Note: A little birdy over at KitchenAid tells me that you will get a FREE glass mixing bowl with every new KitchenAid Stand Mixer colour palette which will be released in April this year. Wow. Just wish I could get a new machine now!