Nothing was more exciting than receiving my first-ever batch of goodies to review on my blog.

In my hand was a jar of luxury lemon curd and six homemade meringues. My mission was to use them in a recipe and let people know what I thought of them.

I ummed and ahhed about what to make but thought the best way was not to mess with the raw ingredients too much.


Lemon curd

Double cream (whipped to soft peaks)



I feel embarrassed telling you what to do here as it is so simple but whip the cream, fold through a tbsp of lemon curd and sandwich the meringues together with cream and more lemon curd – according to your own taste.

It was a simple recipe and made even more delicious by the fact that it tasted exactly like my own lemon curd and meringues but that I hadn’t had to slave for ages making them.

As a child, I couldn’t understand some people’s fascination with lemon curd. The violently yellow shop-bought varieties just held no appeal.

As I’ve gotten older and taken to the kitchen more, I’ve made my own lemon curd and loved it. I would still never choose to have it in a sandwich or on a piece of toast but as blog readers will know, it makes up part of my cheating cheesecake recipe.

Sargies luxury lemon curd is exactly what it says on the jar. Luxurious and creamy and so lemon-y it was a delight. And the meringues, well if I had been told they had come out of the oven that morning, I would have believed them.

What a result. Products billed as homemade that actually taste like they are homemade! Even better, I have loads of lemon curd left to make lemon meringue cupcakes at the weekend – thanks Sargies!

Sargies is based in North Cornwall and produce a small, but high quality, range of hot puddings, seasonal desserts, hand piped meringues and luxury lemon curd.

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