Cake pops for the girls' party bags!

I’m still yet to get to grips with cake pops.

I’ve made them before and they were alright but I can never achieve the levels of perfection that I would like.

So when Ruby asked for them at her party, I was a little loathe to go through all the rigmarol and faffing that comes with these treats.

However, like the good Mummy I am (more like the good Catholic, the guilt when I said no was too much to bear) I decided I would make some.

Again, they weren’t fabulous but I was pleased with how they turned out eventually – and everyone commented on them, so that was nice!

I’d recommend you have a go at these before making them for a special occasion. And, one top tip would be to dip the sticks in the coating, then into the balls and chill in the fridge before attempting to dip again. Believe me, this method works!