Summer is very nearly here – well, there is a smidgeon of sunshine and we Brits need to take what we can get while we can!

These cupcakes just scream sunny days, BBQ’s and long, lazy evenings.

For a cupcake, these were a lot more work – cutting out circular sections, filling with a raspberry and jam and custard (which you make yourself) and then piping more custard on top.

But, they were extremely worth all the effort and the wait, as they take a lot longer to assemble.

One tester said it was just like eating a miniature trifle – and you can’t get better praise than that!

My custard went a little runny and didn’t stay as stiff as I would have liked. There was no way I was getting the Hummingbird swirl with this. I think my problem was being too cautious at the boiling stage and not wanting to burn the custard, so I would just warn you about this.

Apart from this, these were easy enough but they do need to be eaten on the day of frosting – I’m sure you won’t get any protestations with this piece of advice!